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October 15-17, 2017

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Call for Abstracts for a contributed talk in Deep Learning

First Data Institute Conference
Contributed talk in Deep Learning
15-17 October 2017, San Francisco, CA, USA

Deep learning (DL) has in recent years become the state of the art technique for a wide variety of computer vision and NLP problems, in addition to breakthrough results in everything from drug discovery, to atomic physics, to dermatology. The scientific committee of the inaugural Data Institute Conference is pleased to announce this call, to be chaired by Jeremy Howard, former CEO of Enlitic and past president of Kaggle, current Distinguished Scholar in Deep Learning at USF and co-founder of

Topics can cover any development related to deep learning, broadly defined, such as:

As an academic conference, the committee is looking for technical talks, but are also trying to make the conference more accessible than most, so that more people can enjoy a wider range of talks. Therefore, we are asking people to spend some time thinking about how best to present their topic to a technical audience of people who may not necessarily be experts in the specific area of the talk. The goal here is to increase the level of collaboration between academia and industry.

Abstracts should not be longer than 1 page and include a statement of the problem, methods and approach as well as a summary of results, and no more than 5 relevant citations. Abstracts will be reviewed by the deep learning scientific committee chaired by Jeremy Howard. Experimental results on "real world" datasets are particularly encouraged. We are looking for excellent presenters, not just excellent researchers, so where possible please also submit a video of up to 5 minutes briefly explaining your work and its context (videos need not be high quality productions---just a short talk into your webcam is sufficient), or provide a link to one of your previous talks that has been recorded.


Please submit abstracts here.

Conflict of Interest Guidelines for Submissions

As part of the submission procedure authors are asked to mark conflicts of interest with Program Committee members. A poster author or contributed speaker has a conflict of interest with a Program Committee member if any of the following hold:

  1. The Program Committee member is an advisee or advisor of any one of the authors. This applies to current and former advisees and advisors.
  2. The Program Committee member is a collaborator or co-author within the last two years of one of the authors. Collaborations include things like joint papers published or in submission as well as joint projects either in progress or within the last two years.
  3. The Program Committee member is a relative or close personal friend of one of the authors.
  4. The Program Committee member is part of the same organization or has been a part of the same organization as one of the authors within the last two years.
  5. Inaccurate representation of conflicts of interest can result in the poster being rejected without review at the discretion of the program chairs.